Ariel Resnikoff

waiting to be anywhere


in tangled voice led astray
delayed once in a non-place
the sentence served:
(in)definite re(de)tainment
officially un-recorded
& no note taken of these lines
you are important
to me


but suspended ones 
the gilded fork didn’t register
absentee processioneers 
they absolve
the necessity of record.
for matter is as matter does
what it likes
hath found dwellan 
binded words stately
to that which the site contains
& no note taken


the sentence of clocks computes
the newness a shade maintains
by waiting to be anywhere.
& with the cousin of that which is
doesn’t lift the gilded fork
to its lips—
doesn’t eat;


rather, doubles 
the description of the action
in a circle: a silver light shines above
w/ no-body behind
before the bolted door awaits 
a new management—
the message-board booms 
you are important 
to me if i am important 
	to you 
you are important


coral, unabsorptive piles
i    o    u    s    beneath
the broken keys
caffeine cans
nicotine vouchers.
time moves in the pipes 
of the house 
spreads itself on us thickly. 
patterns in space we are 
a marine exhibition


if you are important
lead w/ the following:
wait until your eyes adjust 
archive the site carefully 
(what do you see?) 
pull-out the pauses in yr speech 
listen to the shape of it


[Author's Note: This poem is adapted from a multimedia performance work composed in collaboration with the new-media artist, Liat Berdugo, & the videographers, Abd Al-Karim Sadi & Udai Aquel, at the B'Tselem Camera Project. In preparation for this work Liat & I screened footage captured by these volunteer Palestinian videographers of their daily life in Israel & the Israeli-occupied territories of the West Bank. After selecting a number of quiet, banal, “normal” scenes of people (both Palestinians & Israelis) waiting for something to happen on both sides of the Green Line, I began scoring the footage with text as a means of responding to it. Liat, in turn, programmed custom software that allowed for real-time interfacing between video & voice. We first performed this work in 2014 at the Miklat 209 theater in Tel Aviv-Yafo. --AR]