Gaiah Thomas

saggy milf tits

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#big tits
Yes they’re huge. The grocery clerk told me if he wasn’t staring into my eyes he was probably looking at my #big tits.

#big boobs
My childhood babysitter won’t hug me anymore because she says “#boobs on #boobs”.

This sounds like a word only used to describe what’s under a sweater. see also #busty gals.

Love this word, although everytime I hear it it sounds like cleavage should be spilling out of my shirt.

#big breasts
It was until recently a huge mystery where I got my #big breasts. The accepted theory had been that my best friend’s mom lit a Santería candle to turn my little limones into #juggs when I was 12. This theory has since been overturned by my own mother who claims I get them from my Great Aunt Sarah who was built “like a shelf”.

The only thing I have to say about #juggs is that once my friend’s mom hit him with a jug of milk and don’t do this to your children. I might add that the website I got the above tags from had a caption that read “OH JUST DEMOLISH ME” and yes sometimes I think of them as wrecking balls, they are as my mother says “pendulous”. That and I don’t know, the last guy I texted with said something about wanting me to swing them at his face, that’s kind of like demolition isn’t it?

Yes! Udders are great things. Milk comes out of them. We used to go to Wagner’s and watch the cows get milked by machine. And later when I milked goats they helped me feel proud of my — then somewhat smaller — titties. So useful! So decorative! Like chandeliers.

Um - guilty as charged? Idk is it possible to have #big tits without also having #areolasbig? All I know is my best friend told me some girl was afraid to have sex because her areolas were too big. And I wonder what the risks of having too big #areolasbig are? Is the risk that they will come off during sex and act like giant ravenous parachutes? Help me here, I’m new at this...

Okay, all I want to say about this is that girl in the photograph truly did have beautiful wholly totally natural #saggy milf tits. Like everything about her screamed naturalness. She’s the reason I’m writing this. She seemed like me.

Is this supposed to be “big ‘uns”? Or “big guns”? In anycase — pew! pew! I once read about an actress who shot milk into a glass from across the room. — pew! pew!

#saggy saggers
The current length of my #boobs is about half way down to my belly button. I am trying to grow my hair out to cover up this fact, but it is having a hard time competing with gravity.

This term is only interesting because once my mother made us dress up in 1920’s regalia and pose like Playboy bunnies. I had no #big boobs at that time.

#top heavy
What happens when you put a spoon in an empty yogurt container? I like the specificity of this tag.

#topless Yeah, no really, I was very paranoid about having my shirt off during sex for a while. For this reason exhaustive searches of large cup bras on the web. I have since been exhorted by Kanye West and others to #take the bra off.

I mean if nothing else you have to appreciate the poetics of this tag. When you open your closet what do you see? Why #hangershanging of course.

Personally I am just an #ilf. But it is flattering to be classed in such esteemed company. I once saw one of the grand nieces of the VonTrapp family breastfeed her son in the passenger seat while driving the car.

What my dad made us call my mom’s breasts when he took them out and made us feel them during dinner.

Those Vermont roads will kill you if you’re not careful.

Alex told me there was so much power in the line of my hips to my ankles and that I should put a pirate patch on my ass.

Idk why this is even a tag — I usually think of it in connection with thighs. I should write to the blogger and complain.

The way the sunlight was coming into the photograph you could see the blue veins around her #areolasbig. It made me think how delicate and easily punctured we are.