Marc Nasdor

Way Off the Grid

Azimuth may tell us 
what other ones measure 

What else to do with a satellite dish
but collect errant shades 
in mid-passage transport 
to cemetery plots 
freshly dug in their bedrooms? 

Here approach graveside eulogy hecklers 

‘ve arrived here late from better-paid gigs, 
hiccups bearing scissors to newly bereaved 
& long-bladed razors to barely betrothed.

Morning love pinballs from toilet to teapot,
passing by spouses in burnt coffee 
drizzle, enacted for the benefit of whom? 

                                          [Visualize here]
naked male with a compass 
follows his dogfriend to cinema headstone
hereafter needled
                                     drilling into 

Now he’s un-hypnotized? Moonwalking over
the mall rhododendrons, their “Balinese” 
penis sheaths brush against toddlers.

Earthy plots deliver curious gases, but 
not for reasons you fail to disclose (we 
as in you) or the shrubs of your ancestors, 


Now we’re engaged to relevant process 
& it rocks or it doesn’t 
as directions follow tracking 
tracking follows tracker 
tracker follows track 
track to track 
              (feedback loop)
& follow from this one 
to mind sluice behind 
as souls break their levees & plummet.

Even in the Ink

Protect us from the pestilence of large 
denominations, of demonstrative nosebuckets
sprung from their septa, ‘efecating,

illustrating, the lapsed second-winded 
returnee to the faith of His Wandering 
Proactive Livestock, whose indelicate plans  

for projecting the Supplicant’s passive control
of His Active Apparatus, grind into letters,
down to serifs that chip off & fall into slits

in a sieve the Old Printer slid under it 

Dear Typeface 
have you noticed any flakes out of place? 
forgotten the programmatic 
orders of succession 
embossed on the shins of your own 
ascender’s offspring? 

Explicit Mosaic Exceptions to Slaughter
carpet-bombed broadsides 
& motions to conscript
offset feigns inset
civilization killer 
contingent in part 
on its motives to evaluate 
spots where promotional dollars may help
Denomination takes it 
to actions that primp 
as a preacher’s young acolyte 
nose-picked & eye-poked 
to statutory “perfect”

Then aim all your texts at the ceiling
                                       (check signal path)
trace the projections 
& copy to negative
but first predetermine what surface takes imprint
in case the case warrants
& if none then proceed by default.